If you’ve never set up an Asset Register don’t worry!

Taking that next step from a manual asset register to an automated one can be daunting. Let our Tracca Services team assist you and your team in standardising your asset management information and translating your existing data into the Tracca system.

To start the configuration process we’ll come in and help define your company’s asset management requirements, to ensure that Tracca is utilised to its full potential.

Practical, “hands-on” service delivery

Training on the Tracca system is conducted to provide a detailed and thorough understanding of what functionalities you require, and to assist in designing your Asset Management dashboard.

Tracca have specifically designed training sessions in providing vital practical experience to ensure clients are confident with the software.

Ongoing services to ensure ongoing success

Although Configuration and Training is a standard service for all new systems, it is common for clients to return to Tracca requesting additional services. Over time it is likely that an organisation’s asset management requirements will change.

Clients have the ability to modify Tracca to suit their changing requirements, however it is beneficial to allow an experienced Tracca consultant to conduct this exercise. This will provide valuable advice and direction along the way to ensure that all requirements and functionality is met. Additional training can also be requested to refresh product knowledge and train new employees.

One to one web training / consultancy session

We fully understand that some of our clients work schedules are just too hectic to fit in a whole day of software training. We like to be as flexible as possible to your needs so have the option for a web training/ consultation session instead.

Web training offers a three hour session so you can sit in and ask questions at your own PC. The software we use for the web session has the ability to allow you to view our demo system or we can setup the session to view your current Tracca installed system. Web training requires just a browser and a phone line for a better quality of call.

This option of training is cost effective, as there are no travel expenses incurred to your site and it also gives you flexibility to arrange the training around your working day. There is no minimum amount of sessions that you need to book. You can have a single session or can book a few sessions at a time if required.