RFID and Audit

Auditing assets using RFID does not require line of sight registration. The ability to walk into a room with a hand-held RFID reader and use Tracca’s AppGen application will complete an audit in a fraction of the time that would be required using manual, visual ID and/or bar-code scanning. Tracca AppGen runs on a portable hand-held RFID reader.

In the case of a police armoury for example, the audit process can be reduced from hours to seconds. The AppGen will instantly highlight assets found, assets missed and assets belonging to another location during the audit and allow the user to instigate work-flow action. Tracca has many clients who use our asset audit applications and services to supplement ERP systems that lack such a specialist function.










RFID and Searching

In the case where a client is looking for a particular asset or set of assets, Tracca has written an application called ‘Search & Find’ which assists in this endeavour. The application runs on a portable hand-held RFID reader and acts similar to a Geiger counter, with alerts getting louder as you get closer to the asset being sought.

A client using the Tracca RFID solution to track expensive tools managed to reduce the time to find tools from hours to minutes thereby reducing down-time and increasing utilisation.

RFID Person Audit

As well as being able to perform an RFID audit by a location, Tracca is also capable of performing an RFID audit on a person. This is very valuable in the case of professions such as law enforcement, defence and fire brigades. Quite simply, the person’s badge or ID card can be scanned and alerted to the fact that they may be missing essential equipment required in the line of duty.

RFID Bulk Asset Return

RFID bulk return is very much in the domain of emergency services and law enforcement. When the person returns to base with their assets, all of the assets are automatically logged as being returned to base with a simple swipe of the RFID wand. At the same time alerts are generated about any assets that were not returned.

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