Health care and Aged care asset management for maximum ROI and regulatory compliance


Healthcare and Aged Care Operators need to be increasingly responsive to meet the challenges facing the industry sector. Managing health and aged care facility assets are central to meeting patient requirements.

Compliance and accreditation requirements for healthcare and aged care are critical for private and public operators.

Asset visibility is critical when trying to identify hospital equipment availability, reduce acquisition, operating and maintenance costs, and improve return on assets.

Tracca understands the need for Health Care and Aged Care Operators’ ability to:

  • Meet health care and aged care accreditation guidelines
  • Maximize the availability of assets under tight operating conditions
  • Minimize potential OH&S risks to employees, patients, residents and visitors
  • Improve workforce productivity through mobile asset inspections and work order management

By better visibility of assets and availability, healthcare and aged care operators are better able to:

  • Improve asset availability 24×7
  • Mitigate equipment risks and breakdowns by better planned maintenance schedules
  • Emphasis on prevention rather than reactive maintenance
  • Better manage costs and improve operational facilities
  • Have visibility of each assets’ history, maintenance procedures and processes, movement within and across healthcare and aged care facilities
  • Ensure correct policies and procedures and adhered to via improved management and documentation
  • Track OH&S and Statutory activities