A Service industry organization’s profitability is dependent on the efficient management of a valid and verified fixed asset register


Whether your world is hotels, parks, aviation or tourism – Tracca provides a single point of reference and single source of truth when it comes to managing all aspects of your assets.

Regular servicing and movement of assets via a varied and often casual workforce can equate to disaster in high customer volume environments if not managed systematically. Automation and efficiency via smart systems and processes will allow cost effective auditing and maintenance of assets, whilst reducing disruption to your customers and down time of your assets.

Acquisitions, renovations and disposals are commonplace in the hospitality industry. As are damages and movement or loss of assets through regular use.

A single view of every asset, history of movement, current location and scheduled maintenance enables operational efficiencies and an accurate register of all your assets at any given time.

Tracca understands the challenges in asset management for high customer traffic sites

Keep a full audit trail with Tracca’s efficient Enterprise Asset Management solution which integrates seamlessly with your Procurement or Financial systems.