World class asset management for maximum production yield and operational efficiencies

The challenges for heavy industry companies in the Mining, Utilities, Ports and Construction industry often occur due to around the clock operations, utilizing expensive capital equipment in a labour intensive environment.

Narrow maintenance windows, transfers of equipment, guaranteed slots and quick turnaround times put pressure on heavy industry companies to deliver to schedule.

Whether you are looking to manage a plant, products, or specialist tools and equipment, Tracca offers a true end-to-end asset management solution with the ability to manage the entire asset lifecyle:

  • Initial acquisition
  • Master data validity and accuracy
  • Transfers of equipment – check-in / check-out
  • Maintenance and depreciation
  • Final disposal and archiving

Up to 9,999 user definable configurations and inter-operability

Highly configurable, the Tracca system has the ability to record extensive amounts of asset specific information – point to presets, products, image and record attachment.

  • Easily integrated with other systems such as SAP, Maximo and Oracle Financials, Tracca software utilizes the rich import and export interface
  • Control of assets whether they are owned, leased, or rented
  • Consolidated view of the asset base and its cost of ownership across the organization, product or plant
  • Full history log of all changes to location, product and person-owner information for each asset
  • Track product and operational budgets
  • Unlimited depreciation views

Tracca understands the need for a clear view of heavy industry asset lifecycles and ability to:

  • Restrict asset views between users of different business units
  • Gain insight into equipment utilization in order to reduce asset waste, and ultimately better informed strategic purchase decisions
  • Purchase information including purchasing documentation, purchase date, end of life date and warranty end date
  • Improve workforce productivity through mobile asset inspections and work order management
  • Drive the asset management function with a totally integrated system across the government department and government agency
  • Provide a clearer view of asset utilisation, repairs, warranties, planned maintenance and condition assessments


  • Better allocation of limited or specialist resources
  • Improved allocation of assets with tight production schedule expectations
  • More effective use and maintenance of existing assets
  • Ability to form parent-child relationships between assets and components
  • Improved processes and accountability for capital and recurrent works