Holistic, lifecycle approach to asset management and tracking for the security sector

Whether you work for Police, Defence or Emergency Services in the Security sector – Tracca provides essential information about the deployed asset base to support front-line operations and back office administration. Asset management and tracking for security needs to be reliable, real time, and dependable.


Tracca is a world class Asset Management software and services company that delivers solutions to some of the most recognised names in the Security sector. Specialising in managing all types of operational equipment, whether it is working for the British Army to track their vehicles, or for Victoria Police to handle the issue and return of weapons, organisations use Tracca to achieve governance, control and accountability over the deployment of their assets.

Tracca has partnered with WiseTrack Canada in bringing quality services to bear.

Tracca understands the additional complexity and specialisation required for Police, Defence and Emergency Services:

  • Equipment issue and return
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
  • Head office, station or field inventory audits
  • Mobility solutions
  • Property, evidence and forensic management
  • Public safety and Transit Operations