Asset Management Software (Core Module)

Tracca asset management software provides “cradle to grave” fixed asset management.

Track every aspect of your assets’ life from initial budget proposal through to final disposal through Tracca’s Asset Management System!


It consists of a Core Asset Management Module and elective modules catering for Purchasing, Barcoding, Depreciation, Help Desk, Maintenance and Stock Control.

As a further option, our External Interface Module also allows external applications (eg, web browser, ERP systems) to directly enact various transactions in Tracca, allowing seamless integration Tracca’s Asset Management software into your overall IT systems.

Key Benefits:

  • improved inventory control
  • improved asset management & financial planning
  • improved audit procedures & accurate audit trail
  • improved purchasing information
  • improved equipment planning & replacement management
  • improved maintenance & warranty information
  • reduced labour & administration costs
  • reduced insurance & disaster recovery costs
  • optimum asset utilisation
  • improved inventory control