Barcode / RFID Asset Tracking & Auditing

By automating time intensive audit and data collection processes, Tracca solutions offers a fast, accurate and discreet method of identifying fixed and portable assets.


From desks, chairs and large mainframe computers, to photocopiers, modems, PCs, portables and mobile phones. Asset information is recorded via a hand-held barcode reader which has a pre-programmed interrogation system enabling the system user to collate data efficiently, accurately and in an organised and efficient format.

Key Benefits:

  • automated data collection
  • total asset visibility
  • instant asset tracking
  • quick, simple to use & accurate
  • labour, time & cost efficient
  • improved security

Integrates well with our Mobility Solutions

Keeping your asset register up-to-date can be challenging!

Once your assets have been barcoded, use Tracca’s WiseTrack solution to allow users in the field to audit, capture and perform maintenance work orders in real time.


Check out our Tracca Smartphone App – new feature!

Get access to the capabilities of WiseTrack on a smartphone with Motorala MC3190 Z !


      • Create, view and edit work orders from your iPhone or Android device
      • Works in a ‘live’ connected stage to the WiseTrack asset management database, so any work performed is reflected back on the WiseTrack database straight away
      • Full integration with the smartphone camera
      • Access to work order presents, actions, details and much more…