Tracca WiseTrack

Salient Business Records

Law-Enforcement-Police-Asset-Tracking  Integrated forensic information management system

Tracca WiseTrack is a system that allows law enforcement organisations to more effectively manage the investigative and forensic process without the need of paper or manual processes. This allows organisations to improve their operational efficiencies and provide complete transparency across the lifecycle of cases, events, incidents, jobs, exhibits and general property management.

Tracca WiseTrack has been developed utilising the WiseTrack AppGen platform, a model driven technology allowing organisations to adjust their system accordingly to meet their business requirements rather than changing their processes to fit the solution.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Elimination of manual effort in managing the chain of custody process for exhibits
  • Increased number of positive and linked identifications
  • Prioritisation of jobs
  • Reduce effort tracking exhibits and property
  • Performance improvement mechanisms
  • Improved audit ability across all entities within the system
  • Manage the complete lifecycle of cases, events, incidents, jobs, exhibits and property
  • Elimination of manual brief construction for cases, events and incidents
  • Put valuable resources back onto frontline operations