One of the key challenges in managing any Asset Management register is keeping information up-to-date.

Manual lists are a thing of the past!

In the past, someone from the Finance or Procurement department would have to print lists, and go around to each department or site, and tick off, add or delete items from the list. With much responsibilities and risk of litigation, life has become a lot more complicated. The bigger your Asset Register is, the higher likelihood that it might be out of date!

Key Benefits:

  • Get access to Tracca Asset Management (core module) and other add-on modules on-the-go with our product
  • Asset tracking and auditing from specialist handheld device, iPhone or tablet device
  • Fully supported on selected Motorola PDA models, iPhone and Android OS
  • Able to act as a point-solution for companies with large enterprise Asset Management systems

Tracca Mobility

 Work orders on the move! Execute activities such as Creating, Viewing and Editing work orders.

  • What is the issue
  • Who is in charge of fixing it
  • Location of the issue
  • Priority and Status
  • Capture photographs – illustrating the level of damage and evidence of repair
  • And much more….

Push out the information required from your Tracca Asset Register desktop to the PDA, and capture information from the field as instructed.

Users can know WHO tasks are allocated to, WHAT they need to do and capture, WHEN they need to do it by.

Featuring the market’s most comprehensive Asset Management mobile solution, is used by hundreds of customers worldwide!

Ideal for:

  • Companies with multiple locations
  • Decentralizing the asset auditing or maintenance function out to the field – including contractors or remote workers
  • Multi-country or Multi-location sites

One of our most popular products, used by Police forces, engineering companies, hotels, aged care and health, government and defence. You name it – WiseTrack is used there!

Introducing WiseTrack iPhone and Android App***new

The WiseTrack app allows users to keep track of all work order management activities relating to your organization from the convenience of an iPhone or Android smartphone.


  • Create, view and edit work orders from your iPhone  or Android smartphone
  • Work in a ‘live’ connected stage to your Tracca database so any work performed is reflected back o the Tracca database straight away
  • Covers work order management activities
  • Full integration with the iPhone camera
  • Access to work order presets, actions, details and much more…