The Tracca Stock Control Module allows users to track stock (eg Stationery, office supplies) and consumables (eg toner cartridges, spare parts, engine oil, etc). While allowing the user to know where stock is located and the quantity, this stock management module will also keep track of how, when and what quantity of stock is used. The module allows the user to maintain optimum stock levels as well as a complete history of pricing changes.



  • Stock Code, Product Barcode & Serial Number
  • Brand/Model details
  • Product Type & Stock Type
  • Supplier & Alternative Supplier
  • Supplier Lead Time
  • Lowest & Highest purchase price
  • Maximum & Minimum Quantity on Hand
  • Where Stock is Located
  • How Stock is consumed
  • Quantity On Hand (total) & Quantity on Hand at Location
  • Reorder Point & Standard Reorder Quantity
  • Restricted Goods
  • Shelf Life
  • Warranty Period
  • Images, Instructions, or other associated documents may also be stored within the stock record in the Tracca Stock Module
  • Full audit trails of all transactions

Key Benefits:

  • Increased efficiency of stock control via Automatic Stock Reorder
  • Fast issue/transfer using barcode wedge
  • Fast Stock audits using hand held barcode readers
  • Accurate record of what was on hand for Insurance Claims
  • Minimize wastage & theft
  • Optimize stock quantities on hand & purchase at optimum price
  • Stock & Asset Management integrated into the one system